Dear Krista,

Dear Krista" is a webcomic with no running storyline or characters. It's an absurdist/dark humoured webcomic with single framed images with captions, often featuring anthropomorphised animals or objects, terrible individuals - often insane, and unusual circumstances or made up things.

The title is taken from an early drawing I did where a man shows his warped perception of his relationship with Krista through handwritten letters to her.

I'm terrible at schedules. I will update when you least expect it... like a... really poorly organised ninja.

Sincerely, the author.



About Dear Krista:

A few years ago when I was a highschool student (I’m only 19 guys, I’m not old yet) I was drawing in my notebooks instead of doing work. At first I drew cuttlefish and that was pretty cool, but then one day out of nowhere I started drawing these weird drawings that were absurd. Things with long necks complaining about how they couldn’t drink coffee and depressed lego people that defied the laws of physics. It wasn’t something I’d done before, or a kind of humour I hadn’t attempted but I stuck with it and now during lectures I draw these odd drawings collectively termed under the idea of “Dear Krista.”

I’d been wanting to make a webcomic for ages and had thought about some other ideas like “The Seagulls Are Watching” (comics were made but I never designed a website, it was a lot more like Penny Arcade) or one revolving around Cuttlefish (I became well known for drawing lots of cuttlefish. Even tried to get a picture of a cuttlefish on the cover of some highschool publication, I can’t remember what). After much procrastinating, rethinking my webpage design options, thinking through potential hosting solutions etc I decided “screw it. I’m going to use Tumblr” and here we are! I hope you enjoy this webcomic, it only took me 3 years to get it up and running!